At last night’s Weyburn City Council meeting the new Youth Council was introduced.  

The council is made up of five students from Weyburn Comprehensive School: Dalton Molnar, Graysen Knipfel, Erika Sinn, Nikola Erasmus, and Josh Weins. 

This is Councillor Jeff Richards’s fifth year working with youth council. 

“It's so exciting to sit down with young leaders in our community and hear what's important to them, and that's really the role that they play in an advisory capacity to City Council.” 

Richards says the Youth Council doesn’t have a vote at City Council, but they do have the ear of City Council.  

“It's always exciting for me personally, and I would speak probably for the rest of City Council to say we always are encouraged by the positive working relationship we have with Youth Council, and frankly, their input is very valuable.” 

He adds that this is one of his favorite parts about being on City Council.  

“There was a lot of work to get it off the ground, but what a cool initiative now that it's functioning very, very highly. We really enjoy it.”  

Youth Council takes part in City Council meetings and meets with themselves once a month.