Locals who enjoy following local organizations on social media may have been noticing the Weyburn Group Home Society's active online presence over the past few months.

Sharing posts of their residents has helped them become recognized on their outings by members of the community.

"Even just the individuals, they go on Facebook to see if their picture's been posted on there, too, and they get excited," shared Niki Woycik, one of the Residential Managers.

"I personally love seeing the families that aren't from Weyburn, and their extended families, that comment on the pictures. It's nice for them to see what they're up to, and that's one of the whole reasons we wanted to do the Facebook page, too." 

She said she had been advocating starting a page for a few years. 

"Finally we felt it was the right time, and not only is it awesome for everybody to see the pictures, but it's also teaching. Whether it's just by looking at the pictures or the little blurbs of information that we share about different disabilities, but I definitely think it takes away from 'the unknown and the scary' that people might personally have about people with disabilities and' it just makes everybody included, I guess, in the community," Woycik noted.

Anyone who follows knows, though, that there are more than just the smiling faces of the individuals who live in the group homes. There are also posts sure to put a smile on your face, too.

"I just felt that there's not enough positivity lately, and just reading those little blurbs, sometimes I even need them," she confessed. "It just is a great way to start the day is reading something positive, seeing all the negative out there." 

Some examples of what they have shared recently can be found below. Find WGHS on Facebook HERE.