On Friday evening police conducted a high-visibility traffic project which resulted in two tickets being issued for driving violations, as well as three arrests.

Deputy Police Chief with the Weyburn Police Service, Brent VanDeSype says one driver tested positive for cannabis. 

“So, there were many vehicles that were stopped and checked that evening. One of the drivers checked had indicated or showed signs of recent cannabis use, so they were tested. They tested positive for cannabis and ultimately, they received a 60-day driver's license suspension and a three-day vehicle impound, as well they were charged for possessing cannabis while in a motor vehicle, and that's a $360 fine.” 

Vandesype says it’s harder for drivers to get away with driving high these days. 

“Similar to alcohol, we now have like roadside instruments that can detect the presence of cannabis or other drugs. Our ability to detect or confirm drug use while operating a motor vehicle is greatly improved, so I would suspect it's always been there, it's just that we are able to detect it in a good manner now I guess, or in a better way.” 

The project also led to the arrest of three people who had outstanding warrants for their arrest.  

“Basically, what we do there is we'll arrest them and we'll release them for a court date in the city that holds the warrant. So, that's what happened for these incidents here.” 

Several warnings were also issued Friday evening.