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McDonald's Classroom Of The Week #1

This week's winner of the McDonalds Classroom of the Week was Queen Elizebeth School's kindergarten class, taught by Mrs Wimmer!

Peyton Lee and myself dropped by the class just before 11am this morning for a quick chat with the kids and to give them all coupons for free ice cream, thanks to Weyburn McDonalds!

Upon arriving we asked the kids if they new what kind of surprise they were getting. Immediate response: "I hope its a real live frog!". Sorry to disappoint, only ice cream. 

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Classroom Of The Week

Hey kiddos! Want FREE Ice-Cream from McDonalds?

Uhhh YEAH!! That's what I thought! Let us know what school you go to, your grade, as well as your teachers name and possibly Deron Fahlman and I will be at your class-room on Thursday!

We will do this every Thursday until school is done! 

You can enter by:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

hone: 1-306-848-1035

Text: 1-306-861-9212

or just Facebook Message us!

Hope to see you soon :)

(Parents can enter their kids too)

Backstreet Boys Backup

Its time to come out of that 90's closet of yours and show us how big of a Backstreet Boys fan you really are!

Film a 15-30 second video of yourself, your kid, group of friends, or someone you don't even know (weirdo), singing a Backstreet Boys song! After you've filmed your super unique and awesome video, upload it to your YouTube account or other prefered video hosting site and email the link to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,  or send it to us on the Magic 103 Facebook page. You can also email us the video (as long as the file size works out) or burn it to a CD-ROM and drop it off at our studios at 305 Souris Avenue and we will have it uploaded to our Discover Weyburn YouTube account (for the purpose of posting it on the blog).

All videos will be posted on the Magic 103 blog for others' viewing pleasure and will be judged by local celebrities at the end of the contest. May the best video win.

Keep in mind you don't have to be an AMAZING singer. Its all about the entertainment value!

If you don't like reading, here is the video edition of what you just finished not reading:


Entry #1 - Dexter the Beagle (Trisha Neuberger)

Entry #2 - Danielle

Entry #3 - Baby D

Magic 103 Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Egg Hunt is BACCKKK!! WEEOOO!

Tons of prizes to be won Gift Certifcates from Prairie Pita, Voracity Crossfit, Subway, New Age Electronics, Lyna Day Spa, Fast Track Auto Care! $80 Golf Shirts from the Weyburn Golf Club! 

This year a little different though, the Magic 103 Easter Bunny thought that last year was too EASY!! So this year he put a lot of duds around Weyburn (Duds - Easter Eggs that have really corny Easter jokes in them that may or may not improve your day) that have no prizes in them :(. 

Rules and Regulations! 

Their is only 1 rule... You can only win 1 prize! So that everyone can have a chance on the fun :)

Eggs are all around Weyburn and I mean EVERYWHERE!! Check out stop signs, lightposts, underneath benches, Weyburn landmarks, schools, etc. etc. I will let you know though that there are no eggs in North Weyburn.. Easter Bunny didn't feel like travelling that far. 

When you find an egg with the Magic 103 logo on it bring it to the radio station here and we will exchange it with the prize that you won. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8-5 except on Thursday we will only be open till 3 o clock and closed for Good Friday!

Take the kids out and have some fun this week and get ready for Easter this weekend, Happy Hunting!

P.S. Stay tuned through out the week for clues to the harder eggs :)

VIP Tables Announced at Ladies Night!

I can't wait!!!! May 3rd is the Annual Ladies Night that the Fire Department puts on, and Mike Cole came in today to announce who got the VIP tables!


Try And Beat This Darius Rucker!

This morning at 7:20 we played Guess The Cover on Magic 103... 

Here was the cover that I recorded a little clip from

Chris phoned in

I'm just pretty amazed at Kawehi how amazing this cover was done! I'm a huge fan of covers, I find that covers you can redo a song and make it your own and take it to a different level. Now of course the original is usually the best (noticed I say usually - in the sense I feel that Against Me's cover of Wagon Wheel was way better than Old Crow Medicine Show, but that's my taste in music, we all have our own) Now obviously I'm not saying that Kawehi's version is better than Nirvana's I just think that she took it and made it her own!

Check out some other cover's that I found along the way

Now TenSecondSongs is a little different style obviously because he takes a song, sings it in a style for 10 seconds. But the versatality that he has WOW Slipknot, Frank Sinatra, The Doors, Tech N9ne, as well as The Red Hot Chili Peppers etc... etc.. It's just amazing the vocal range he has. 

And then of course my favourite cover of Wagon Wheel! Just try and beat that Darius Rucker!

Great Caesars Ghost

Caught up with Neil talking about the new play The Weyburn Ag Society is going to be performing starting tomorrow! And apparently, already quite a few days that are sold out check out the interview I did with him this morning!

Everything is in there!


Caught up with the boys from Infinitus today their going to be playing at the Grace United Church here on Monday

Anthony, Alex and John play the chello, viola, as well as the violin and they kind of modernize it by beatboxing as well! You can't really find anything like it out there! Check out this youtube video! 

Come see them this coming Monday at The Grace United Church at 7:30 which you can get your tickets at Superior Office Products as well as at the door!

Weyburn Concert Series Infinitus

Coming up here on Monday Infinitus will be at The Grace United Church at 7:30 I'l be catching up with the 3 boys tomorrow just before 9 in the morning. Check out the interview I did with Lynn Kott talking about ticket prices, as well as what's coming up for the new Weyburn Concert Series.

Here's a sneak peak of what's in store for Infinitus coming up on Monday!

Curl For Kids Sake!

Alright I need your help, this weekend is Curl For Kids Sake and I need pledges... so far I have $15 which in my eyes is pretty pathetic.. and I know that with your help I could do much better!! 

I have a pledge sheet sitting at the station Mon-Fri 9-5 and anyone that comes in and pledges will be recognized on air for being awesome coming to help support such a great cause because profits raised will be going to help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Weyburn!! 

Also side note if you are still are interested in putting in your own team, you can do so!! All the way up till Saturday morning! Which you can contact Sharla at 306-842-4050

Thanks in advance!