Daviney Berg, just 13 years old, will be taking the TeleMiracle stage this weekend creating a double whammy for Weyburn talent. Daviney will be singing a song written by another Weyburn talent, Tenille Arts’ song, Growing Old Young. 

Before hitting the stage to perform, Daviney had to summon up the courage to audition. The testing took place in Regina this past November, and despite being nervous, Daviney pressed on. 

“I was really, really nervous. My mom got a video of it, and I was swaying back and forth. I was shaking really bad, and I think at the start of the song you could tell that my voice was pretty like not into it yet. But at the end of the song, I think it got way better because I got more comfortable.” 

Daviney had to patiently wait for two months before she heard if she was accepted for the 2023 performance, a grueling wait for even the most experienced talent. However, Daviney is no stranger to singing. 

“I've been singing since I was like 4. I've always loved singing.” 

Daviney’s performance will be broadcast this Sunday at 12:42 pm. Because TeleMiracle is held in Saskatoon this year, Daviney was required to pre-record her performance in Regina about a month ago, this time she wasn’t quite as nervous. 

“It felt a lot better. I really liked their setup in there, so I think that made me feel more comfortable, everything was ready to go.” 

When it comes to raising donations for TeleMiracle, Daviney has managed to hit it out of the park! With a fundraising goal of $500, Daviney has managed to almost double the goal and has currently raised $980. To help Daviney reach $1000, and beyond, you can donate here