A bike rodeo was held last Wednesday at Jubilee Park by the Weyburn Police Service. Kids came out to learn all about how to safely ride their bikes in and around the city. 

After signing in, riders were taught how to properly wear a helmet and make sure their bikes were in working order. From there they went along the paths in Jubilee Park learning a different aspect of bike safety at the many stops along the path.   

These stations included how to use hand signals, obeying traffic signs, riding on different terrains, maneuvering obstacles, and maintaining control of their bike.  

There were 14 total stations, visited by 134 riders, with prizes awarded from the Weyburn Police Association and five bikes given out by Canadian Tire.  

After making it through the stations, riders were able to indulge in a free barbeque. 

Check out our gallery of the event HERE