The M.O.R.E. Auction will be happening for the first time in three years in Midale.

We spoke with Kyle Hoium and he's on the Rec board for Midale,

"It's just our M.O.R.E. 2000 we call it. It basically runs our rink. We have a silent, live, and dutch auction yea and this is our major fundraiser for the year. We do it every year but this will be the first one in three years we actually sold out yesterday 310 tickets." 

If you didn't get a ticket and were still wanting to go to the auction don't stress as you are more than welcome to go to the auction after the supper is wrapped up.

"Just the supper we do only sell 310 supper tickets and then if you wanna come to the auction then by all means."

If you simply just can't make it at all there are also other options there as well. 

"If you can't make it we do have a Midale rink Facebook page that you can check out all the items will be posted on there and we are accepting proxy bids if something catches your eye you can phone Catrina at 458-7555 and you can bid if you couldn't make it. 

There will even be cocktails and time to browse all the items from 4:30 to five then it's soup time and the fun begins! Everything will be taking place in the Harry 'O Memorial Arena in Midale. They've got some really great and impressive things in the Auction this year you really don't want to miss them. You can check them out on their Facebook page here.