The Weyburn Police Service took part in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program on June 9 and 10.

This program is a multi-agency task force dedicated to improving traffic safety across Saskatchewan. It includes municipal police agencies, the RCMP, Saskatchewan Highway Patrol, Canadian Pacific Police, and representatives from SGI and the Ministries of Justice and Finance. 

Weyburn Police Service Deputy Police Chief, Brent VanDeSype said 14 different agencies were involved.

“It is endorsed by SGI, and of course all the agencies across Saskatchewan.” 

The officers would break off into teams, pick a location, and observe drivers for infractions.

“If they noted infractions, they would pull over the motorists and deal with them one way or another where there was a verbal warning or a written warning.” 

VanDeSype said over the two days, 432 infractions were spotted. 

“232 of them were given written warnings or inspections and 109 tickets resulting in a fine,” said VanDeSype. “In a two-day period with 35 officers in town, I think that says that we did pretty good, but obviously there are still infractions out there.” 

He added Weyburn did quite well overall.