According to preliminary statistics from SGI, there were 87 deaths from collisions on Saskatchewan roads last year. 

This continues the downward trend in road fatalities in the province, as the last three years have each had historically low numbers. 

“We want to keep that trend happening because, you know, 87 people is still 87 too many,” Manager of Media Relations with SGI, Tyler McMurchy said. “One person killed in a preventable vehicle collision is one too many, and we know that almost every vehicle collision could have been prevented.” 

There are several reasons for the downward trend, according to McMurchy. 

“It can be a culmination of efforts on many fronts when it comes to legislation, enforcement, awareness, technology. Vehicles are obviously getting safer, but really, what it comes down to is Saskatchewan drivers adopting safer driving habits.” 

McMurchy said that impairment, speeding, distraction and not wearing a seatbelt are Saskatchewan’s Big Four traffic safety concerns, and 80 percent of the fatal collisions involved at least one of these factors.  

He said that in many cases, a seat belt is the difference between walking away from a collision uninjured, and losing your life. 

“My sister, more than a decade ago, was involved in a vehicle rollover at highway speeds. She, the driver of that vehicle, and the baby that was in the back seat, they were all uninjured but everything that wasn't strapped down in that vehicle flew out the window. So, you can just imagine the injuries that would have been sustained had they not been wearing their seat belts.” 

McMurchy added that if everyone drove sober, drove without distractions, buckled up, and obeyed speed limits our fatality numbers would significantly decrease.