Sarah Regine a lady who has moved her family over from the Philippines but when she moved her entire family did not come. Her mother stayed in the Philippines which was not an easy thing for her family as they could not easily go see her anymore. They did their best to make it work until Sarah's mother passed away to lung cancer. This was unbelievably hard on the family and even worse for them when they could not attend Sarah's mother's funeral due to the distance and some other factors.

Through it all their new dog was there for her, he showed support and kindness and just how beautiful a dog's love can be as they also saved him. He used to be a resident of the Weyburn humane society and he was the last puppy there. Sarah's daughter used to volunteer at the Weyburn Humane Society so she could spend time with the dogs and cats as her father was not interested in a dog at the time and there she found just what the family needed at that time 

"She picked the puppy from the Humane society and I said yes to her but my husband didn't say yes, so we kind of had a connivance between me and my daughter to bring that puppy home."  

It turns out that's exactly what they needed. That dog shared so much love and support with Sarah throughout the time of her working two jobs to support her mother's chemotherapy and once her mother passed away he was a big crutch for her to lean on. The love didn't stop there, their family dog has continued to support them emotionally and show them just how beautiful a dog's love can be especially through one of the hardest times of their lives. 

In the picture used in this article, you can see Sarah's dog giving her daughter a big hug and the reason for that hug is her daughter came home crying from a breakup she just had with her boyfriend, the dog sensed her sadness and did everything in his power to make her stop crying. 

They saved that dog and he makes sure to return the favor every chance he gets. There are some things in life money can give you but the love this dog has for his family is priceless and cannot be bought. 

Sarah Regine did, in fact, win the pizza from our contest this week of sending in pictures of your pets and this is why. That dog was not only unbelievably cute but he did so much more for this family and that is beautiful. To really show you how amazing Sarah is she donated her prize to the Weyburn Humane Society as a thank you for not only adopting out that puppy but because of how hard they work there for the animals.