Curling up together with a good book doesn't have to be limited to the home.

As part of Education Week in Saskatchewan, students and parents attended Literacy Night at Legacy Park Elementary School on Thursday. It was held in the gym, with tables filled with books set up for a book swap, and dozens of comfy reading nooks were set up in order for families to enjoy reading together. 

Since the school only opened last September while government restrictions were still in place, Arlene Dobson, the Principal of LPES, said this was the first time they'd been able to hold this event in the new building.

"We're just so excited to have families again coming back into the building," she said. "This is a way to celebrate Education Week. The theme is 'Celebrating Today and Reaching for Tomorrow' and so literacy is a part of that, and we just wanted it to be a night where families could come in, and celebrate the enjoyment of reading."

The book swap was free, so whoever found a book they really loved could also take it home.

"We have families who've donated books to share out with other families because they've already used them, and were ready to pass them on," Dobson explained. "So that's the point of our evening tonight is just getting together with our families and celebrating the importance of literacy during Education Week. This is how we've done it in the past at our three schools and we just wanted to revive it and bring it back in Legacy Park style."

She added they also held a draw, with the six winners each getting a $10 voucher for their upcoming book fair, which will take place during Student Led Conference week in November. 

dAttendees could enter a draw to win gift certificates for the school's book fair.
dobsonLPES Principal, Arlene Dobson, was posting her wish for the school.