This summer has seen quite a bit of unstable weather patterns throughout the southeast, with some severe thunderstorms, such as the one on June 23rd and the one on Canada Day, coming through the Weyburn area. Yesterday, a storm system that brought substantial rains was moving in from the north but broke up as it approached Weyburn, caught up in the flow of another system that was moving from the west.  

Environment Canada is calling for more unstable weather to move across the prairies, including southeast Saskatchewan, today as the atmosphere holds enough energy for some strong thunderstorms to develop. The storms could develop into severe thunderstorms, with hail and strong winds.  

However, unlike the past few days, there is a lack of wind shear. This is the change in windspeed and direction that comes with height and is one of the factors that helps storms organize into long-lasting supercells.  

Environment Canada’s outlook for the day shows that while strong storms can develop, they are likely to be short-lived storms that are scattered.  

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