For the second day in a row, Environment Canada has issued a thunderstorm watch for Weyburn and the surrounding area. This means the conditions are favourable for developing severe thunderstorms, but not necessarily that Weyburn will see a thunderstorm. 

Yesterday, a chain of storms moved through the south-central part of the province, with Regina taking the brunt of it receiving around 40 millimetres of rain, enough to cause flooding in some areas. Weyburn did get a late-night thunderstorm which brought lightning and thunder and around five millimetres of rain. Some areas to the west and north of Weyburn saw more in the way of precipitation.  

“Right now, it looks like for the southeastern parts of the province, we’re really only just a 30 percent chance of showers,” explained Jim Prime, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “It’s really more centred over Regina and just west of that.” 

There is a very humid airmass over the province, and systems coming from Montana are expected to come into Saskatchewan throughout the day, helping to create the threat of storms.  

“All the ingredients are there – so we have a really humid airmass, we have the ability for the showers to be kicked off with the low-pressure system that is causing all of this – so no one is out of the woods with it, but it really is kind of centred more on the south-central and southwest parts of the province for right now,” Prime continued. 

Behind the systems that are bringing the cloud cover and threat of storms is a high-pressure system that will be bringing a lot of sunshine, and heat. Temperatures are expected to stay around 30° or higher for much of next week.  

You can keep up to date with the latest forecast by visiting the Discover Weyburn Weather page.