Even though we saw warm weather on Monday with a high of 16 C, we could be seeing mild temperatures and rain Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri lang said that a weather system is coming from British Columbia.  

“It’s slamming into the B.C. coast right now, and it’ll make its way into Saskatchewan over the next day or so. Those southerly winds ahead of that system will really pump up some mild air.”  

She added that on top of the expected rain, we might not be finished with snow for this year.  

“As the weather system wraps around Tuesday into Wednesday, we may see that rain shower activity turn into more snow. However, with the temperatures very close to freezing it doesn’t look like much will accumulate out of that.” 

She added that we can expect pretty much anything in early April, with it being a volatile month. 

“We aren’t expecting any freezing rain, just because of the dynamics of the weather system.”  

The forecast high for Tuesday is 9 C.