The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has had a record year for its Habitat Trust Fund thanks to a recent land and cash endowment made from the estate of Griffin's late Mr. Donald Kowalski.

In addition to a $100,000 contribution, Kowalski also entrusted 800 acres of mainly native prairie grasslands to the SWF Habitat Trust Fund.

Thanks to the donations of members and supporters, the SWF owns and manages more than 75,000 acres of wildlife habitat across Saskatchewan.

The SWF will manage the land in perpetuity, in cooperation with the Weyburn Wildlife Federation. The 800 acres has been named 'Dianne's Wildlife Sanctuary' for Mr. Kowalski's sister.

The land is primarily native prairie habitat. Native prairie grasslands are internationally recognized as one of the most at risk ecosystems in the world, and they are home to numerous at-risk species of wildlife.

Darren Newberry, the SWF Director of Habitat Lands, who manages the Habitat Trust Program, said the Kowalski donation is “one of the largest donations" the SWF has received in their Land Trust's 40 year history.

Newberry added, "this exceptional property is a haven for local wildlifehaven for wildlife."

This gift contributed to a record year for the SWF Habitat Trust Fund. In 2020, the SWF acquired over 2500 acres of wildlife habitat and received $200,000.00 in donations.

-With notes from Chelsea Walters