Shop the Town is the local answer to Black Friday shopping here in Weyburn. 

With yesterday being the American Thanksgiving Day, today is a day when deals are made all around, and some go out of their way to take advantage of it, even going so far far as crossing the U.S. border.

However, Monica Osborn, Executive Director of Weyburn Tourism, says nobody has to go that far.

"A great collaboration led by some of our amazing entrepreneurs in Weyburn, it's called Shop the Town," she explained. "Lots of the local stores have discounts in-store, or you can do online shopping at a lot of them as well, and delivery, if you can't get out and about, but this is just such a great incentive for our Weyburn community."

She said they always encourage all residents in the Weyburn area to check out the stores that we have right here in our own community. 

“There are just so many unique shops with a variety of options to choose from.”

Something that can only be said for local business owners, expressed Osborn, is, “they work here. They live here. They play here. Their kids are in the local sports, or whatever they happen to be part of, and this is just a great way to help support them.”

“The owners of these businesses, they're driven to help our economy stay strong in our community, and shopping at the local stores, it just helps boost that economy that much further going into the holiday season.”

She said if the local businesses weren't offering the option for shopping online prior to 2020, they certainly are now.

“So many of the businesses in town here, they'll do door deliveries for their customers, which you don't get that in a lot of the bigger city centres, or if you're purchasing online at the bigger retail stores, we don't get that personalized touch,” Osborn commented.

Shopping local in Weyburn means the money stays in our community, she said, “to help support events such as minor sports or many of the other organizations.”

In fact, “for every $100 that's spent within our community, that creates an additional $37 in our local economic activity, which that is a large amount of dollars.”

Osborn stated that not only do local business owners work hard all year round because it pays the bills, but they do it because they love to. 

“They wouldn't be in that business if they didn't love what they do, and love their customers.”

She added the local entrepreneurs boost our business community, as well as being great leaders who have 'taken the bull by the horns.'

Find out which businesses are participating in this local Shop the Town event HERE.