The Weyburn Police Service had to deal with two separate incidents in a matter of a few hours last Friday night, into Saturday morning, which would result in a number of serious charges.  

The first incident happened when an altercation took place between three adults. Corporal Riley Ross said one of the individuals used bear spray. 

“Through investigation with that incident, an individual was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, and two counts of possessing a dangerous weapon, one of those being the bear spray,” Cpl. Ross detailed.  

“We do have some instances of bear spray incidents in Weyburn, but it doesn’t happen too often,” Cpl. Ross clarified.  

The second incident took place in the early morning hours of Saturday after police received a call from a residence on the south side of Weyburn. The situation involved two men who police said were known to each other, and they were involved in a serious physical altercation with both sustaining injuries.  

One of the men has been charged with assault causing bodily harm, while the other is facing more charges.  

“Through investigation with that, an individual was arrested and charged with a break and enter, aggravated assault, possessing a dangerous weapon, and a count of mischief,” Corporal Ross explained. The charge of mischief came about following the physical confrontation between the two men.  

The first individual was released with his charges pending, while the second was held in custody pending a court appearance.  

In all, the Weyburn Police Service responded to 89 calls for service last week, which resulted in 14 charges under the Criminal Code, five under the Traffic Safety Act, and one under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act.