The “Be a Tourist in your Hometown” campaign has kicked off in Weyburn for the fifth year in a row.  

The campaign, which takes place until September 5, encourages residents to explore the city and take pictures. 

People can participate by picking up a bingo card from the Weyburn Tourism Office.  

“Your bingo card will have a list of all the activities that you can do,” said Campaign Ambassador, Teresa Weger. “As you complete the things on the bingo card, you come back to the Tourism Office where you can get a stamp as long as your picture is verified, then you'll get your stamp, and then once you get five in a row, your name is entered into a draw.”   

Weger said there are many activities on the bingo cards. 

“There are plenty of fun things such as going to an outdoor patio to get a nice meal, going to an ice cream shop in Weyburn, enjoying the paths that Weyburn has, and even going out to Nickel Lake to enjoy the beach there.”   

Weger said she is excited to be the ambassador this year.  

“It's super exciting to get to go around my community and get to see all that it has to offer, and get to share it with people in the community who may not know about all the great things that you can do in Weyburn.” 

The prize winner will be announced on September 6.  

Find out more about Weyburn Tourism HERE