The Salvation Army is holding their Beaver Creek Camp once again! There's even a third addition to the camp this year called the Family Camp.

We spoke with Shannon Fodchuk about this and she is a Community Ministry worker here in Weyburn, 

"Beaver Creek Camp is our camp held by the Salvation Army it is located just outside of Saskatoon. So the last two years we were unable to have the camp itself due to Covid-19 but this year it's back and we have started accepting applications."

There are three different camps this year including the Adventure Camps for ages 7-12 and they will run from July 25th to the 29th, there is also a Teen Camp for ages 13-17 which will run from August 12th to the 16th. The new camp this year will run from August 2nd to the 5th and that is the Family Camp. 

"For our Adventure camp, we do have a cap on that one so the faster they register the faster they're guaranteed a spot on that one."

This won't break your bank either as the Salvation Army will be covering most of the fees.

"We will be covering the majority of the fee so it will just be a minimal expense for the family."

They will also be providing transportation for the Adventure Camp and the Teen Camp they are renting a bus. Although for the Family Camp you are responsible to get your families there. But how do you get your family or kids registered?

"What they need to do is come down to our Community and Family Services office and fill out the application form here with us. Our registration is closed June 10th so we need applications in before June 10th."

So get your kids signed up before it fills up, it's a great opportunity for them to get out and about and a break for the parents!