The Better Together Project began in Weyburn at the start of 2021 as a means to connect people in the community during a time when many people are isolating alone to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 and feeling very lonely.

Now a province-wide initiative the idea began in the Battlefords and the community have observed very positive outcomes.

The project encourages people to wear their Better Together t-shirts on Tuesdays to hopefully create new connections within the community.

"Those shirts let people know that we are part of a community and we are here for one another. Those shirts are also kind of like a beacon that say, "I'm here for you"," shared Laura Eddy, Head Organizer for the Better Together Project in Weyburn.

On Tuesday, March 9th there will be a new way for Weyburn residents to come together in the spirit of the Better Together Project with a community reverse parade.

"We were looking for opportunities or ways to support the activities that are happening but we also want to promote them," explained Lynn Colquhoun, Coordinator of Religion, Curriculum, and Ed Tech at St. Michael School. "It's upbeat and uplifting which we do need in this pandemic time. Who couldn't use a smile or a moment of joy nowadays and with the weather we're having who doesn't want to be outdoors? So that's what we thought we'd do. Let's be there together while we're apart. We'll stay on the sidewalks and boulevards so we are a safe distance from you. You come by and we'll give you a hi, and a wave, and a smile, and we'll have music playing, and signs."

She added that the school has notified the Weyburn Police Service and they will have someone on-hand to provide traffic control and to ensure provincial government orders are being followed.

"We would appreciate the 13th Street parade be for the St. Michael School community," Colquhoun expressed. "Let's limit it to the parents picking up their kids who regularly do that or to the staff that are out there. Everyone else in our community is welcome to come by 4th Street. We've had the pleasure of reaching out to the staff and the citizens of Dominic Place. What is in the other half of the old St. Dominic School and they're going to actually join us too. So there will be a number of us from the whole building out there. So that's where the public can come to avoid causing too much traffic."

They will have people on both sides of the street waving to vehicles as they pass and they encourage everyone to wear their Better Together t-shirts when they come out between 3:00 PM and 3:30.

For more information on the Better Together Project in Weyburn feel free to visit their Facebook page. They have four different shirts that can be purchased.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any way you can contact Laura Eddy by phone at (306) 861-5531 or send an email to:

Donning the salt and pepper t-shirt, Laura Eddy hopes to see the 'Better Together' Project take off here in Weyburn (photo courtesy of Better Together Weyburn/Facebook).

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