After a successful book signing last month, local veterinarian Dr. Gary Hoium will be back at Pharmasave this afternoon to sign his book “Don’t They Kick When You Do That.”   

“When COVID kind of took over our lives, I had a lot of extra time at home.” Dr. Hoium said. “One night I sat down with my pen and paper just to see well how many stories I might have, and I had 65 stories the first night. I thought well that’s pretty good and I knew I didn't have them all, so by the next night I had 125.”    

His book is made up of things that have happened over the course of his career, and a lot of it is about clientele and colleagues.     

“When we graduate, we're all about animals and when we get into the workforce it becomes about people.” 

Hoium says he has a lot of people to thank for this book.  

“Some of the photographs in this book were actually taken by my wife, we had two editors, we had some photographs taken, we had you know my writing, so I like to call it our book, even though I got my big fancy picture on the front.”   

The signing is taking place today from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Pharmasave.