A Bowling Try-it event will be held next Thursday, February 23rd,  from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Super Bowl in Weyburn. However, registration closes after today.

Heidi Vogel, Program Coordinator for Special Olympics Weyburn, said it's a free event open to anyone, but the intention is to attract new membership to their regular Special O program.

She said their programming since March of 2020 has been low on numbers.

"We're really just kind of starting from the bottom up here, plus with the bowling alley reopened, that's a big factor [in resuming the program], as it has been one of the most successful ones."

"Before COVID, they also had a floor hockey program and a curling program, but bowling had the most participants," she noted. "All of that kind of fell by the wayside with COVID, due to the facilities, and lack of volunteers."

Their weekly bowling program, which would normally run from fall into spring, will be limited to 8 weeks this season from mid-March into mid-May.

"With the Winter Games and not having the bowling alley in Weyburn, [Team Southeast]'ve actually been practicing out of Estevan for the last year. So with the bowling alley back in action here in Weyburn, we are able to get this program set back up," she explained. 

The program is open to any Special Olympics athlete, "which is someone with an intellectual disability and the minimum age is 8 years old."

It all kicks off with the free day of bowling, "for everyone that may be interested, have bowled before in the program, or might be new and just kind of wants to see what's going on. Everyone is welcome to come down on that day and we can help with registration and then once we have all that figured out, the program will run on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

Vogel noted they are hoping to attract more volunteers to get involved in the program, and those interested are encouraged to attend the try-it event.

"So for volunteers, the only requirement that we do need is they will need a criminal record check and the Respect in Sport training, which is actually an online module that they can do on their own time, and then once that's complete, you get your certificate and then you're good to go from there."

She said it's likely Weyburn has some new residents who would qualify for the program and would like to get involved as athletes, but volunteers are needed in order to make it all happen.

"We're definitely always looking for volunteers, because we can't really run anything without them."

Find registration details HERE.

Team Southeast will compete in the Saskatchewan Winter Games beginning this Sunday. Read more HERE.