The Buck Moon, a supermoon named for the time of the year when male deer grow out their antlers will be visible tonight.   

Leah Blaire, who works at Higher Conscious Connections in Weyburn said this supermoon is closest to the earth.  

“We are in a cancer energy right now, meaning it is very emotional,” said Blaire. “But the moon is actually in Capricorn, which means if you work with the energy of the supermoon, you're meant to really connect with that inner strength and balance your emotions.”   

She added a lot of the energy signifies focusing on our work and our home balance. 

Owner of Higher Conscious Connections, Colleen Marcotte said this is a powerful release time. 

“What I would often tell people is write out whatever it is you want to release, whether it's worries, stresses, anxieties, maybe you had an argument with someone, fears or whatever. Write it out and then burn it,” said Marcotte. “You can just burn it. If you want to throw some sage in there, you certainly can because sage is really good for clearing as well some incense or just loose sage, you can certainly do that.”    

She added meditating during the full moon is even more powerful. 

While the moon is expected to be visible until early on Friday morning, Blaire said tonight is the most powerful. 

“So, so if you're noticing any kind of emotions that are coming up, it's just really bringing awareness to that because the supermoon or any full moon every month shines a big light on things that need to come into our awareness, for us to grow and learn and become our best selves.”   

Marcotte said if anyone misses the full moon, they can always do their ritual or release the next day. 

The moon is expected to be visible just as the sun sets, depending on the weather.