There were many items on the agenda for Monday night’s meeting of Weyburn City Council.  

After proclamations for Mental Health Awareness Week, and for the Day of Mourning, Council received the reports from the Police Commission, and from the Public Works Department.   

There were two requests for proposals presented to the council. 

The first was for a new recycling contract in Weyburn, as the current contract with GFL Environmental is up for renewal in June. Two proposals were received from GFL Environmental and Goliath Disposal, and Council decided unanimously to award the contract to Goliath Disposal.  

The second RFP was for Asphalt, and five proposals were received from BLS Asphalt, Southern Asphalt Services, Genco Asphalt, ASL Paving, and Regina Asphalt Paving.  

It was decided unanimously to award parts one and two of the contract to ASL Paving for a total of $208,102. Part three was awarded to Genco Asphalt for $5,850 a day for crack filling crew and equipment, and $2.60 per litre for the volume of the crack filler used. Also, for $760 an hour for pothole patching crew and equipment, and $150 per tonne for asphalt delivered. 

Three projects were approved under the Infrastructure Revitalization Program. The projects that were up for requests for proposals were the milling and resurfacing of 4th Street south from 6th Avenue to 10th Avenue South. Excavation, rebuilding the base and installing new asphalt along an 80-meter section of 4th Street in front of River Park and crack filling and pothole patching on primary and secondary streets across the City of Weyburn. 

Three discretionary use development permits were approved, including the permit for the Young Fellow’s 100th-anniversary concert on June 30th in Jubilee Park, an electronic billboard near the intersection of Highway 39 and Government Road, and an expansion of a tire repair shop on 1st Avenue Northeast 

Council also discussed a request to waive application fees from Fido’s Place, it has been tabled until the next City Council meeting.