A new event is coming to the Weyburn Agricultural Society's 115th Annual Fair Days. An Open Mic will be held in the Exhibition Hall on Friday, July 5th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

"Creators Theatre has teamed up with the Weyburn Agricultural Society," shared Director Bernadette Mullen with Creators Theatre. "So whether it's stand up comedy, whether it's acting, singing, dance, playing an instrument, everyone is absolutely welcome, and what's really cool is the Weyburn Agricultural Society has offered a a free day pass to the fair, so whoever comes to perform gets a free day pass."

She said while there is no charge to take part in the Open Mic, pre- registration so they know how many performers to expect and to ensure the free admission. To register, email bernadette@creatorstheatre.ca.

"We're booking in five minute time slots, so if somebody felt like they had a 10 minute performance, that's totally fine, but that's just kind of how we're booking right now," noted Mullen. "If we have an excellent turn out and there are extras, we'll be happy to accept them, and if we thought it was necessary, I think we would go past 7:00. 

Original works are not only welcome, they are encouraged.

"We'd love to see that, because I know there's just so much talent here in Weyburn, whether it's singing, playing an instrument, dancing, whatever, acting, there's just a lot of a lot of talent here. So it'd be just nice to celebrate them."

The event is for all ages, including children, at all levels of skill.

"Maybe it's a singer and a dancer and then an instrumentalist or whatever, so that we're mixing things up," she said. "Even though it's in the Exhibition Hall, we are creating it kind of like an intimate setting, as we are not expecting to fill up all that Exhibition Hall for it. There's going to be tables and chairs there, and you can enjoy your favorite popcorn and your drink at a table and then watch your loved one perform." 


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