The ongoing Ukraine crisis is deeply personal for many Weyburn and area residents.  To help provide some support, five newcomer Ukrainian families joined forces in creating a traditional Ukrainian meal complete with homemade cabbage rolls, perogies, and Ukrainian sausage.  The fundraiser was no small feat to accomplish, together the five families spent several weekends together making over 600 cabbage rolls and approximately 5,500 perogies, now that’s a lot of dough! 

Grygorii Rozdorozhniuk, one of the organizers of the event shared that the fundraiser went far better than expected.  Approximately 500 people came out to support the event which resulted in raising $10,295.85!  Prairie generosity was in full swing as Grygorii also shared that many people donated over and above the cost of the meal. 

Image from Ukrainian Fundraiser Facebook PagePhoto Courtesy Ukrainian Fundraiser/Facebook

Approximately 30 people volunteered to make the fundraiser a success.  Expenses accrued from the event are approximately $1800, however, it is not too late to help cover those costs or dig in and enjoy some homemade perogies. 

“Not all the perogies were sold that day, we still have some frozen perogies, they are available for sale anyone can contact us,” explained Grygorii. 

To purchase your homemade potato and cheese perogies please text Lena Nikulin at (306)861-5955 or you can contact her on the event's Facebook page here. The price for a dozen perogies is $10.  

The Ukrainian Fundraising Group is now looking for any possible business or corporate support. 

“If any one of our great local people or businesses wants to participate and donate any amount or match the amount we raised or match the amount we spent on groceries, you are more than welcome to contact me,” said Grygorii. 

To contact Grygorii Rozdorozhniuk you can reach him at (306)861-0755 or send an e-transfer to

Once the remaining perogies are sold all funds raised minus expenses will be forwarded to the most recognized and trusted organization in Ukraine called, Come Back Alive.