The winner of this year's soo Line Car Club Show 'n' Shine event was Garth Stuart, with his 1977 black and gold Special Edition Trans Am.

Stuart, who is from the Stoughton area, said his brother John bought it off the lot from the Dreis Brothers in 1977.

"He drove it for about five years and then he bought another car," Garth explained. "He actually bought another Firebird and then just kind of let this one just stay in a garage."

He said it sat in the garage until 2004, when he finally convinced John to sell the car to him. 

"I did some work on it, was going to get it painted and all that kind of stuff, then I hit a deer in 2018 going to the TNT rod show north of Estevan," he shared. "So then it took me a couple years to get everything all together to have it repainted, and then I got it repainted in 2020 at East-Wey Auto Body, and then Jeff Lokken here in town, installed the decals for me last spring."

Stuart said he was driving it in its current condition since August 2021. 

But before that, it had to come apart completely.

"I had everything in the car, apart, sitting on tables, and the only thing that was the car was what's called the sub frame, but I had the interior, the engine, the transmission, the power steering system all sitting on tables being rebuilt, so the entire car is pretty much rebuilt."

He said the win came as a surprise.

"It's nice to get some recognition for basically all the hard work that everybody helped me with," he noted, saying bragging rights and a trophy were fine by him. 

Stuart said he plans to attend another car show soon at Kenosee Lake, but doesn't have a lot more planned due to gas prices.

He said the car shows do, however, give people the opportunity to ask questions, and maybe learn a little along the way.