Weyburn saw 95 mm of rain between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

This was enough rain to put some vehicles somewhat underwater, leaving some to wonder how good this could be for our vehicles.

"Usually if you are driving through the water, the engine can actually suck water in, and do damage to your engine," said Owner of Top Notch Towing, Ryan Williams. "Or, if it's just sitting submerged, with all the electronics in vehicles, it causes issues."

So, just how much water can one drive in before causing damage to their vehicle?

"As long as it's not running into your vehicle, and you go slow through it, generally you'd be okay," he advised. "But obviously, the faster you go, the more it wants to spray up, and your engine wants to suck water in. Rule of thumb, if you can avoid it, it's probably for the best, no sense having an issue you don't need."

He said too much water will, of course, short out your engine, and if this happens, it needs to be towed.

"Usually we recommend they set up an insurance claim. If it has taken on a significant amount of water, it's best to take it to a shop. They will tear it apart, take the seats out and the carpet out, and let it dry out really good."

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as putting it in a bag of rice! If anyone needs assistance getting their submarine for a car to the shop, Ryan at Top-Notch towing said to give them a quick call and all will be okay.