Co-operative Week wrapped up in Weyburn in style Friday afternoon.  

One lucky winner got the chance to try to grab as much cash as they could in 30 seconds in the Weyburn Credit Union Cash Cage. People throughout the region had the chance to enter during Co-operative Week at various locations around the city.  

Niki Nagy would be the lucky contestant. She climbed into the cage during the lunch hour and came out with over $900.  

“I purposely wore leggings with pockets, and I tried to wear a sweater that zipped up all the way to my neck so I could stuff some up my shirt,” Nagy said after getting out, her heart racing from the experience. She added that the cage, which uses wind to move up to $10,000 around, felt natural given where she is. 

“It feels like a good Saskatchewan day, actually, just like today,” Nagy chuckled.  

As for what she is going to be doing with the money, technically a Co-op Gift Card, she noted that with the way inflation is going, the extra money came just in time for Christmas.