Bill C-359 has been added to the itinerary for the House of Commons, as legislator Koby Blais is looking to streamline some agricultural acts.

The Seeds Act, the Feeds Act, and The Pest Control Act would all be amended to help Canadian producers.

Canadian Cattleman's Association President Nathan Phinney says he's behind the bill.

He says that could help out with some current environmental goals.

"Currently we have some very ambitious environmental goals to further reduce our environmental impact. One of those products is 3-NOP. In a short note, it can cut down on methane production by 30%. But currently, it has to go through CFIA as there's no real regulatory roadmap for it to go to with these types of environmental claims. So it's classified as a veterinary drug and that's putting Canadian farmers at a major disadvantage right at the moment."

He's hoping that an agency could pass it preliminary and investigate it as time goes on.

Another factor would be keeping Canada competitive with other countries, with Phinney citing a recent decision.

"It would certainly put us in line with the US. Another one is PMRA's, Lambda-Cy decision, and, then in 2023 the growing season, we weren't able to use Lambda-Cy for the use of pest management on the feed, but this doesn't align with what the US has. It puts us at a significant competitive disadvantage. Also, while not being able to use this product to control pests, there is no viable other product on the market right now."

Phinney says he looks forward to working with Blais in the future for agricultural bills.