A fresh new year in the R.M. of Weyburn will see some new faces at Council meetings in a new office. 

They relocated to 1633 First Avenue north east in November.

"It's nice there's been. Quite a few ratepayers have come in and gone through and all positive feedback, so that's good. We had our first Council meeting in December, and there was lots of room," Reeve Norm McFadden told.  

The R.M. recently welcomed three new Councillors.

"You hate to lose anybody. We had three really good Councillors, Don Bell, Aaron Rubin, and Lorraine Fellner were the three outgoing Councillors and they did a good job for the R.M. of Weyburn," he commented. "They definitely will be missed. The three new ones have big shoes to fill, and they will do fine."

"Change isn't always a bad thing, right? You get some new ideas, some new voices, that's how you move forward, is to have new ideas and new people involved."

Following the paving of the road leading to Nickle Lake Regional Park, work was completed at the end of the summer of 2022.

"After the lake was closed for the summer, we did the final field job on that road so it should be good for a number of years now. Dust free, no gravel so that'll be really nice."

McFadden said the R.M. also implemented the use of radar signs that get moved around to various locations, which track speed and also counts vehicles.

"We actually had that on the Nickle Lake Road, I believe it was the August long weekend. We were just floored at the number of vehicles coming and going out of that place on the weekends," he said.

He said the vehicle counts help them learn some valuable information, given that the official vehicle counters only make it out for 24 to 48 hours at a time, once in a while. 

"Where, with these, we can move them around and set them up in those similar locations for a longer period of time, and you get a better average, a better idea of how many vehicles there really are, so hopefully we can use that information as well. I mean, I was wondering how much traffic there is on some of our roads. Well, now we have a way of tracking that which is valuable information in today's world."

McFadden added he's excited to see a UFA new cardlock gas station open up in the R.M. as well this year.