The Weyburn Police Service will implement a 2023 Business Plan this year. It includes three main goals, which are similar but somewhat different from previous years in terms of its strategies. 

Police Chief Jamie Blunden said they'll be, "concentrating on the three main goals that we've had and established with the Police Board of Commissioners."

"The first goal is ensuring a safer community for all, and that just goes back to our drug strategy, our high visibility strategy, as well as traffic safety strategy." 

He said the second goal we have is our healthy organization, putting some time and effort into our members, making sure that they're developing sure that we have a professional dedicated team that goes out to serve the community."

Communication is the third goal.

"We've got to be accountable to the public and this community, and we've got to be transparent," noted Blunden. "So the more external partnerships that we can build with people out there, and the organizations, the better we're going to be as a community. So we're going to have a communication plan and be on social media platforms a lot more, and we're going to make sure that everybody in the community is well aware of what we're doing." 

Blunden added he is excited to implement the new strategies.