Choose to Include support for the Special Olympics for your weekend snacking with a Special Olympics donut, or a dozen.

From Friday through Sunday, February 3rd to 5th, all proceeds on sales of the chocolate cake ring with fondant icing, whipped topping, and sprinkles will go to helping out with the Special Olympics.

"These guys are practicing to go to the Saskatchewan Winter Games and the Special Olympics Winter Games," said Lynn Quist, mother of Antonius Quist, a Weyburn Special O athlete. 

Quist said the local group prior to 2020 had around 50 athletes, but now they are down in numbers and would like to get their programs back up and running in Weyburn. To do this, they need volunteers.

"So we're looking for volunteers for the board, we're looking for volunteers for coaching, all those kinds of things," she invited. 

"It's very rewarding, Special Olympics, because these athletes are just 100 percent right into what they're doing and they love their sports. You can't ask for better athletes, I tell you."

She noted that some of our local athletes will be helping to sell the donuts this weekend prior to their Pep Rally on Sunday. 

"We're just so thankful that Tim Horton's has done this. Please show your appreciation and support this initiative."

Quist reminded singles will be available without pre-ordering, but if you want to get a full dozen, you should phone ahead to ensure they have them ready. 

When you get your donuts, be sure to post on social media using the hashtag: 'ChooseToInclude'.