A Weyburn mother has made some small ornaments to hang on her Christmas tree, for her family pets who have passed away this past year. 

The Barker family had lost both their dog Horatio and cat Atreus earlier this year, and their oldest child was having an exceptionally hard time coming to terms with them being gone, so Christan Barker decided that they would do something to remember and honor the two fur babies.   

"They're just like ornaments and I got their picture printed on it like just a little metal ornament," Barker said. "So we went through and picked a nice picture of them then and on the back we had their name and year that they were born along with the year that they passed, so we could have something on the tree to remember them by" 

Christan explained that the ornaments have helped more than just her oldest child, but the entire family.

"Our oldest was really really struggling with it this past year with losing them. She just wanted something to recognize that they were here and a part of our family, it's just nice then they have a part on your tree and it feels like their still a part of our home".

Barker Family Pets Horatio and Aterus
Barker Family Pets Horatio and Aterus