The first meeting of Weyburn City Council in 2023 goes Monday night at City Hall. The meeting is set to begin at 6:00 p.m.

The agenda for the meeting includes a few reports, such as the report from the Weyburn Police Commission, and from the Weyburn Fire Department. 

In terms of motions, there are three on tap. The first is the regular motion for the accounts payable, and the second is the motion to name the boards and committees for the coming year. 

The third motion is regarding tax enforcement. Council will be voting on consent of title for a property. This comes after multiple attempts to collect the municipal tax arrears, including efforts by the Provincial Mediation Board.

For new business, council will hear about a discretionary use permit application. SaskTel is looking to replace a cell tower on the west side of the city. The current tower stands 25 metres, or 82 feet. The new tower would be 20 feet taller, or six metres. 

The second piece of new business concerns a long-term leave of absence from council for Councilor Dick Michel. He has been on a leave of absence from council since September 26th due to unforeseeable circumstances. 

We will have full coverage of the meeting, on-air and online, starting Tuesday morning.