With spring melt coming, and going, in recent weeks, it has resulted in some of the various catch basins around Weyburn getting frozen over or packed with snow, as things freeze up at night, or during the day whenever a mass of Arctic air starts to blow through like it did in late February.  

“Whenever the weather warms up, we definitely try and get out there to open the catch basins up so that we can get any of the ice melting, we can get that water flowing,” explained Jennifer Wilkinson, the Director of Engineering with the City of Weyburn.  

In many areas, the milder temperatures seen in February helped to eliminate a lot of the snow that had built up on the streets. However, thanks to things like shade, temperatures and just the layout of the land, there are still some catch basins that are covered up. The city crews will be working when the weather allows helping facilitate the flow of water.  

“You’ll see us out with the vans periodically, so we just ask that you take care around the workers as they will be on the sides of the streets, trying to clear those catch basins so we can get water flowing,” Wilkinson added.  

Temperatures through the weekend are expected to be slightly below 0°, but sunshine is also expected for part of the weekend, which could result in more melting.