The City Of Weyburn hosted an Open House yesterday at the Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre to hold a space for Weyburn residents to ask questions about the 2024 Preliminary Budget.

"It's great to see good attendance for events like this because it's a wonderful opportunity for Council and for City administration to get some feedback from the community about what their priorities are, what they want to see, increase what they want to see decreased, really, where they want to see their resources and their money are allocated," shared City Councillor Ryan Janke.

This is the first event of its kind, which serves to enhance transparency and cut down on an overflow in Council Chambers on a delegation night at Council on November 27th, or at the meeting when they vote, December 11th.

"I hope that this forum makes it a little easier for everybody because it's kind of difficult to have your voice heard when the room is that full, when we stretch it out and have a whole bunch of time for it," he added.

Fire Chief Trent Lee and Police Chief Jamie Blunden were in attendance for the Open House, and the City's administration were also well represented there.

"It's wonderful to have them here so we have Fire Chief, Chief of Police and City manager here and having all the experts is, as City Councillors we try to do our best to have a high level overview of what's going on, but the people who are in there doing it all day, every day are really the experts we can give you the good answers to the hard questions."

"If someone asked me a really hard question, I'm probably going to go to administration myself and ask them, so this is just really convenient for everybody," Janke noted.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting in person, Janke reminds the City's website has all of the emails for City Councillors and the Communications Coordinator for those who still want to give feedback or ask questions.

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