It's that time of year when the City of Weyburn changes up the garbage pick-up to a little less often.

"So the City of Weyburn, typically at the end of November, switches over to bi-weekly garbage pickup. So that means that from November 21st to 25th you will have garbage pickup, and then the week of November 28th to December 2nd there will be no pickup," explained Communications Coordinator Paige Tenbult. "All residents have to have their garbage bins and recycling bins out on the street ready for pickup by 7:00 a.m. so they don't miss it on their collection day."

"Sometimes days are a bit different for certain areas and we just want to make sure you don't miss, because when do go to the bi-weekly garbage pickup, it does mean that you have a week in, a week off, so sometimes the garbage bins can start to get a little full if you do miss a day." 

Everyone knows more things end up being thrown out during Christmas holidays.

"You're just going to want to look at your refuse calendar. Those are the ones that came in your water bill. They came online and your e-bill, you can also find them on the City of Weyburn website," she noted. "We do have a garbage collection calendar and a recycling calendar, so there are two calendars residents really want because the City is divided into five areas and each area has a different day for garbage. They have a different day for recycling. When we switch to this bi-weekly that kind of changes thing up."

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