They are a nuisance that begin to annoy people in the spring months and persist right through to the fall – mosquitoes. 

An insect that breeds with standing water, after the wetter than normal spring, many people are anticipating the mosquito populations in the Weyburn area to explode in the coming weeks. With that situation in mind, the City of Weyburn is doing what it can to mitigate the problem. 

To start, they are treating standing bodies of water – ditches, large puddles, etc. – with a larvicide. The crews have already been out twice around the perimeter of the city, explained Curtis Block, Parks Manager with the city. 

These standing bodies of water are treated with a product called Vectobact, a granular product. 

“This product is approved for use by Health Canada,” Block said. “It is safe for birds and aquatic life, and it kills mosquito larvae within 24 hours.” 

Block added that residents can help to control the mosquito population themselves by removing standing bodies of water on their properties.