While the snow is causing many issues throughout Weyburn, the City of Weyburn is doing its best to ensure its facilities remain open, if possible. 

The landfill is closed for the day due to the weather, but the Weyburn Leisure Centre and the Credit Union Spark Centre are open for their regularly programmed activities, however, due to staff shortages at the Leisure Centre, there is a limited swimmer capacity. 

Crews are out working on snow removal as well. Jennifer Wilkinson, director of Engineering with the City of Weyburn, said they are approaching it in a slightly different method than the usual snow removal. 

"We do have our primaries open and clear," Wilkinson explained. "We are currently working on what we consider secondaries, and in those situations, we are just clearing a passable in them."

The downtown core has been windrowed, and those are being cleared out. Contractors are also working in some areas, so residents can expect to see a little bit more snow than usual on the sidewalks as their graders may not have the wings on them that the city graders have. 

For the time being, the City of Weyburn is still recommending people not travel on the roads.

"If you can, please stay home," Wilkinson added. "That is the biggest thing we can stress for people right now because it does make it difficult when vehicles are stuck in the roadway to get that roadway cleared out and get it passable again."