The City of Weyburn has been paying close attention to social media recently, due to concerns some have expressed about the closures of the leisure facilities.

While the doors on both the Weyburn Leisure Centre and Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre, including the Weyburn Art Gallery, will reopen on September 11th, one of the key reasons they're currently closed for maintenance at this time is that the busiest time of the year for these facilities is in the fall and winter.

This timing, therefore, ensures the city staff can more easily tackle larger projects and crucial tasks at this time, like boiler maintenance, water testing, anti-slip maintenance, and grouting tiles.

Since many of the city's pool staff are summer hires, including university students, the closure ensures they can get back to their studies.

With approximately 200 children attending summer camps at the Spark Centre over eight weeks of programming, and around 70,000 users visiting the Spark Centre during the peak fall and winter months, safety and durability are a priority for the city in order to continue offering high-level service during the busy season. 

The closure timeframe also ensures things are ready to go once the first full week of school gets underway, minimizing disruptions at the adjacent Legacy Park Elementary School. 

On a social media post, the city said, "We wish to express our gratitude to Weyburn City Council for supporting this maintenance closure. We appreciate their understanding and confidence in our decisions, and we hope you can share in that understanding too. By aligning our efforts, we can continue to provide you with the best possible experiences, facilities and opportunities."

The facilities will reopen just in time for registration to begin for fall and winter programming.

Find the Leisure Guide HERE.

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