Soccer season is well underway and Weyburn Soccer Association has more than a few exciting things going on this year. 

While the Spring House League season started up, Weyburn Soccer made an announcement targeted at the fans and families of Weyburn's upcoming soccer stars.

"Weyburn Soccer has a Fan Store," announced Jason Roy, President of Weyburn Soccer Association. "So fan gear is available to our families."

The gear includes hats, t-shirts, golf shirts, bunnyhugs, and more.

"It is all online ordering. If you make your order before Sunday, the orders will be processed by Tuesday and this is ongoing. Since Weyburn Soccer is not just a ten-week program anymore, we're now a full year, we want our clothing to be available to our families all year round."

That will make chilly nights at the soccer field an absolute breeze!

Along with the new clothing store, Weyburn Soccer also announced this year's 50/50 and a new fundraising cause. 

"Right now we are having a 50/50 draw," said Roy.  "You'll find the link on our Facebook page and our webpage and we'll be making it on June 18th, that'll be our Family Day."

Roy noted that, although the money will be going towards equipment and upkeep, they are also hoping to put some of the funds towards a new initiative.

"We're creating what's called a Legacy Fund," he said. "We hope to have this up and running in the near future and it's to help kids or families who can't afford extras in soccer. We see that there are some kids that would really enjoy going into our Devils teams but they just can't afford it. So we want to give at least a few more kids the opportunity."

Tickets for the 50/50 are all available online with a maximum jackpot of $50,000. Tickets are 50 for $100, 20 for $50, 3 for $20 or you can get single tickets for $10. 

Weyburn Soccer didn't stop there though! 

"We are bringing in a smiles campaign" added Roy. "Every week, we want people to take pictures of their kids smiling. They can be smiling at the soccer field, getting on the school bus, we just want to see their smiles. Submit this picture to Weyburn Soccer and a winner will be chosen each week. Then, you'll be put into a draw and on June 18th we'll draw a winner for a Grand Prize."

Roy added that Weyburn Soccer is also putting in another bid to be named Soccer Town and have a lot of plans for their upcoming Family Day on June 18th. We'll have more with Jason Roy later this week.