The visually impaired in the area can look forward to a barbecue next Saturday.

The event will be hosted by the CNIB Regina and will be held on May 28th from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Gazebo at River Park.

"Anyone who has a visual impairment can come, we just need you to register ahead of time. Just let us know if you're wanting to attend and if you need a ride to the event as well, put that on the form to let us know that you're coming and you need a ride and we will arrange pickup," invited Korryn Kubashek, the local representative of the CNIB. "We don't want anybody left out because they can't get there."

She said there will be musicians performing sets throughout the event. 

"We have a few people that have volunteered their time to come and sing for us, so we're looking forward to it," she noted. "Hopefully nice weather. Fingers crossed."

Those who'd like to register to attend can email or call or text 1-306-514-0558.

Kubashek said they do have room for one more performer on the schedule.

"If anybody is inclined and they would like to volunteer their time to come down, we're looking for about between 1:00 and 2:30, and it can be a split shift. Some of the other performers are only doing a half hour and then taking half an hour off and then doing another half-hour set." 

She said they are expecting between 50 and 60 attendees.

"They're just going to be discussing what programs and services they have, and that our monthly meetings are going to be able to start up again here in Weyburn," Kubashek explained. 

"We contacted the nursing homes to let them know as well because a lot of them go to nursing homes," she noted. "It's really good to get the knowledge out there, and that's like a lot of the ones that come to the meetings are from nursing homes. So this way, whether they have an Activity Director that wants to come down and talk with somebody at a table about what they have for programs and services and what they can bring to the nursing home, would be fantastic." 

"So it's just awareness saying hey, COVID is out of our hair, we're going to get going and hopefully it continues that way." 

She added, "The group that comes down for our meetings is fantastic and I think I learned more from them than they did from me."