Last Wednesday, a series of events in Estevan ended with a woman and her son dead, and a police officer in hospital in serious but stable condition. During the chaos of the day, the Weyburn Police Service did what they could to provide assistance for their colleagues with the Estevan Police Service.  

"They did have an early morning incident where they needed a forensic identification officer,” Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden explained of the situation. One of the officers in Weyburn is a trained forensic identification officer, and the one in Estevan was on holidays when the call came in. “We went down to assist on that initial scene, and that’s how that interagency cooperation and collaboration works with that relationship and partnership that we have with the Estevan Police Service.” 

After the initial call for help, though, things escalated in Estevan.  

“We received a second call, probably about 9:30 in the morning on November the first, requiring or requesting two additional officers to assist with the incident down there, with an officer that was involved in the shooting within their own police service,” Blunden continued.  

The officers from the WPS then went down to assist with the scene but also helped out with calls for service in that community. 

“I could say that the cooperation between the two services is tremendous,” Blunden added about the partnership. “We have a joint tactical support team that we rely on each other for critical incidents. We also rely on each other for when it comes down to the everyday policing when an incident like this happens.” 

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