For the third time in three weeks, a Colorado low-type system will be moving through southeast Saskatchewan. The coming system prompted Environment and Climate Change Canada to issue a special weather advisory for parts of the southeast. This time, however, Weyburn is not included in the advisory. 

Terri Lang is a meteorologist with ECCC. She explained that the bulk of the system will be hitting the extreme southeast corner of the province, affecting communities such as Carnduff, Redvers and Oxbow. 

“I’d be surprised even if Estevan came up with all that much either, so I think for Weyburn, I don’t think there’s going to be much out of this, if at all,” Lang said. She pointed to the forecast for Weyburn, which has just a 60% chance of precipitation for Friday during the day, and some overnight showers heading into Saturday. 

While the forecast from ECCC isn’t calling for the precipitation for the Weyburn area, not all of the models agree. Some of the forecasters have the Weyburn area receiving upwards of 25 mm of precipitation, which is something Lang just doesn’t see happening this go-around. 

“There is a chance it could change, but at this point in time, with all the models trending the way they are pushing it further east, I’d be very surprised if there was a big change,” Lang added.  

One factor with systems like this, which was seen in the Weyburn area during the system that went through last week, is there can be a large difference in the effects in just a small change in the track. 

“The issue is, with these Colorado-type lows, is that if the system moves even by 50 kilometres in its track, the difference can be between 50 millimetres of rain or 40 centimetres of snow, and absolutely nothing,” Lang pointed out.  

You can find the details on what Weyburn could expect this coming weekend on the Discover Weyburn Weather page.