Countless volunteers helped out with the 41st Annual Weyburn Communithon.

During the live event this year, they raised $86,412, and Committee Chair Korryn Kubashek said was a huge success and she's grateful for all the help from everyone.

"Donations are still coming in throughout, the week here, it'll still trickle in throughout the days," she shared. "Every year it's usually like that."

"Everything went well, all the acts were there. We had one that couldn't come last minute, which was fine. As far as we know, everybody was happy, and so I'm overjoyed with it. It's been two years for me and we haven't hit our goal on-air for multiple years, and to do that was a huge accomplishment that I really wanted to reach. So that was my biggest outtake of it."

"Other than the other years that we had the bequest, that put us over our total," she clarified, "but just those in regular, everyday donations, we made our total from that."

Kubashek said there's no way to really count all the volunteers they have helping each and every year.

"It really starts from the very beginning of the first day of planning till we still have people working," she noted. "The Communithon Committee is still working, the allocations committee will be meeting in November so it's never-ending. It's hard to say how many volunteers in the end, because there are multiple people out there and I wish we could thank them all. But you know what you're gonna miss a few in there and we don't want to do that, so anybody who has any part in Communithon, from performers, volunteers, Access Now, the [Golden West] Radio, the decorating committee, everybody. It was just a huge amount of people and a lot of time goes into this, and to have such a successful event, it's just fantastic. The community and surrounding area is just amazing."

She said they had the Wi-Fi crew in on Wednesday, and Thursday they had Access, the Finance Committee, and Sunset Computers in helping set up everything.

"It was well after midnight on the Thursday night setting up, and then Friday all day it was after 1:00 o'clock in the morning when we were all totally out of there, and then again Saturday we were back to make sure everything is out of there, and to do our cleaning to leave the hall better than what it was when we get there. So it takes a lot. There's many, many hours, and it's not just an 18 hour event. It's a full-blown extreme event, it takes a lot of hours and time to put this on, and to have it successful is just the icing on the cake."

She said it was so great to see the legion packed throughout the entire day. 

"We couldn't have asked for a better turnout, and the crowds were amazing. Oh my goodness, we had crowds there the whole time. It was the whole day and it was fantastic to see everybody smiling and laughing."

She said they do have a few tweaks to work on, "but what we learn every year is that there's something better that we can improve on." 

In particular, they will ensure to hold back any parents who come to watch their children perform, until after the kids have gone back out to the bus.

Kubashek added they had a photo booth at the event, which resulted in a number of pictures posted to the Weyburn Communithon Facebook page.