A candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada was in Weyburn Saturday afternoon, joining supporters for a barbecue during a stop on the campaign trail. 

Joseph Bourgault announced he was running for the leadership of the Party on March 9th and is one of 12 who have made the declaration.  

“I think that I bring to the table a skillset, a 40-plus year track record that other professional politicians do not have,” Bourgault said Saturday.  

Bourgault is the president and CEO of Bourgault Tillage Tools, while also working on a number of other endeavours. He is the president of St. Brieux Realty, the founder of the health food store Lifewise, and has been recognized for his work in many areas. This includes receiving the Saskatchewan Citizen Planners award in 2003 and being named to the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2011.  

While he has name recognition in Saskatchewan, as well as in the agricultural sector, he knows that he will need to work to gain support in areas such as Ontario and Quebec, where he isn’t as well known. He does have some work ahead of himself, however. 

Bourgault pointed out that he is working to secure the number of signatures needed to remain in the race, as well as the full $300,000 that the party has set for an entrance fee. 

“All I’m doing is getting out and speaking the truth, and hoping that Canadians that are hearing my message are supportive, and if they are, I will be able to stay on in the race,” Bourgault added. 

The Conservative Party leadership campaign was kicked off on February 2nd when Erin O’Toole was removed as leader by the party’s caucus. The leadership vote will be held on September 10th.