An opportunity to improve English-speaking skills while also mingling and networking with others. Newcomers from other countries can take part in the 'Conversation Circles', held at the Weyburn Public Library every other Friday.

Laura Eddy, Settlement Advisor with Southeast Newcomer Services said it's to encourage families to do something together.

"So the library will do something with the children. More often than not, the children speak English, because they're going through the school system and kids pick up the language," she noted. 

"Lots of times newcomers are working nights. They may not get to those classes that are offered through the College in the evenings, so this is just kind of to bridge that gap," explained Eddy. "Maybe dad's working, and mom's at home and doesn't speak English, so there's isolation. This is a safe environment for her or him to practice their English with other people that have gone through the process or are going through the process."

She added that sometimes they have newcomers who have gone through the process. 

"They've done the English, but they still come because it's a support group kind of in a way. It's also to get them out of the house and get them engaging in their community, because once they're part of a community, they will settle quicker than somebody that's isolated." 

The next Conversation Circle events will be held on March 17th and April 14th.