With high temperatures more reminiscent of summer, we're being reminded it's not quite time yet as a low-pressure system is set to bring rain and lower temperatures this weekend.

That starts tomorrow and is set to last until Monday, with chances of showers throughout.

Most areas are expected to get some amount of rain, but that is forecasted to be varied between locations.

Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Terri Lang, said the system will be mostly frontloaded.

"We are expecting another system to come through Friday that'll probably bring some showers with it. Saturday there's going to be some showers, thundershowers floating around. We're not expecting too much out of these unless you happen to get under one of them and then you may pick up a heavier shower or thundershower. Nothing too organized, at the moment."

Because that system is originating in Montana, it'll be pulling in winds from the north which will act to cool down the Southeast.

Then, it's expected to get unseasonably cold by the middle of the week.

"The low-pressure system, that means these are northerly winds and northerly winds usually mean colder air. That's going to be what happens in bringing some colder temperatures, particularly Sunday-Monday into Tuesday," said Lang, "Highs will struggle to get into those middle-teens, so a little bit cooler than what we've been treated to so far."

The lower pressure system won't be bringing severe weather, with the exception of a small area in the province.

Nevertheless, Lang suggested people start watching for weather warnings as we approach that season.

"There's a slight risk of severe weather in that extreme southeast corner. So something to keep an eye on because they do have that chance of severe weather, but it's not a big outbreak or anything like that. We're in storm season, and people kind of have to get their minds tuned to watching the skies and reading weather forecasts and listening for watches and warnings."