A storm recently passed through Weyburn, and another is already bearing down on the southeast.

With those storms, a lot of people will be looking towards forecasts looking to know what's happening and when they're happening.

Forecasting isn't always perfect and changing conditions can alter what might seem set in stone. That's why a group is trying to utilize a new technology to try and make forecasts more accurate.

Scott Kehler, the President and Chief Scientist for Weatherlogics Inc., is looking to change how forecasts are made.

“The challenge when you're putting a new approach like machine learning into practice is you've got to fit it into your existing system,” said Kehler. “So, we've already got well-developed existing weather forecasting models and techniques, so now we've got to figure out where exactly this new approach can fit in and complement what we're already doing.” 

Below is an example of Weatherlogic's work, comparing their analysis and the forecasts of last week's storm.